Angora Wool

Many people love the look and feel of angora wool. Most people however would be appalled to find out how their lovely angora sweaters, scarves, hats and gloves were made.

Most animals used in our society for human consumption – be that in the meat, fashion or entertainment industries – are neglected,  ignored – treated as property.  Often they are unnecessarily abused as well. They rarely, if ever, receive veterinary treatment when they need it. They often go without food and even without water.

And these are just the basics that all creatures need.  Animals need enrichment and to socialize. Farm animals rarely are treated humanely even on so called ‘humane farms’.

Are you ready to see how angora rabbits are treated?  People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals recently did an investigation in the UK and here is what they found:

If this upsets you, you can do something! Stop buying angora wool! Stop buying any wool.

Tell people about it!  Share this blog!

Get involved to support animals:

Let companies know that you do  not support this by taking action!

No animal should be treated in this way.  No animal should be left in a cage by itself. No animal’s injuries should ever be ignored.

Not every angora rabbit in this industry has it this bad, but they all suffer.  Ask yourself is it worth it for a piece of clothing?




Dear Justin Trudeau

I just saw a great video addressed to Justin Trudeau. It talks about he and his family being bundled up in fur coats and blankets in press photos and in a family Christmas card.

I  wrote him (well the Liberal Party) a letter supporting this video. Here it is:

Hello Mr. Trudeau,

Please take an honest look at this wonderful video that was made just for you!

This young woman speaks her heart very well and I passionately agree with her. As an animal rights activist myself, and a volunteer for an organization based in Vancouver called Fur Bearer Defenders, I also ask that you reconsider supporting this cruel industry.

In June of 2014, one of my very first blogs was about this very subject:

I am not asking that you become vegan or even vegetarian, but I am asking you to seriously think about the animals whose lives are taken needlessly for fashion. Fur is not necessary for survival here in Ottawa, nor in many parts of our country where these coats are so popular.

And as the woman in this video says, the Canada Goose company is no longer a Canadian business. So, why support them?

Please teach your children the greatest of compassion – that towards innocent animals who need us to not only protect them, but definitely to not hurt, abuse nor exploit them either.

Please stand with us as we try to protect the most innocent of creatures.

Thanks for listening,

Linda Orrell


What’s wrong with free-range eggs?

As a vegan, I have often been asked, “What’s wrong with eggs, especially free-range or ‘humane’ eggs?” “It’s not as if the eggs are all fertilized, and if we don’t eat them who will? “ “It would be a shame to just waste them.”

I knew already about the fact that in the egg industry, male chicks are disposed of extremely cruelly regardless of whether the issue is regular industrially farmed or free-range eggs. As they cannot lay eggs, male chicks are literally thrown out in garbage bags to suffocate, or ground up while fully conscious just minutes after breaking out of their little shells.


If you haven’t seen photos like the one above, you might ask how this could even be.

Female layers are de-beaked with a hot blade. A chicken’s beak is loaded with blood vessels, pain receptors, and nerve endings much like a human fingertip, so this process is extremely traumatic and is done without anaesthesia.


Then they are crammed into cages with others stacked high – one on top of another. Urine and feces fall from one level onto ones below. Many chickens die in their cages and they are not necessarily removed but remain to rot with live chickens in the same cage.

Then, after only a fraction of what their natural life span would be, they are literally spent and killed for human food.

It’s a very cruel industry.

If we care about animal welfare, we should not eat any kind of eggs, even free-range or ‘humane’ eggs.

In a natural environment, hens only lay eggs until they have a full nest. At this point, they stop laying eggs and begin nesting.

We interrupt this natural process when we remove eggs from the nest, thereby encouraging the chickens to lay more eggs to again fill their nest. So, even free range hens go through this stressful situation if we take their eggs from them.

It’s stressful on the hens as well because every egg that is laid involves great effort on the hen’s part. Hens sometimes die while laying their eggs as a result of the intense pressure on their laying organs. It can take over 30 hours for a hen to lay just one egg.

Laying eggs also involves a tremendous loss of calcium from the hen. This goes to producing the shell of the egg, protecting what would be their future babies.

When not interfered with, laying hens restore some of their calcium loss by eating their own eggs.

Famers are taught how to prevent hens from eating their own eggs, so that they can get to them first.

So you see, no matter what kind of eggs you are considering, all cause pain and suffering to hens. Free range eggs are definitely a better choice but neither is good and certainly neither is ‘humane’.

‘A sentient being’s body and its secretions are not things for us to eat, any more than a human being’s body and its secretions are things for us to eat. Consuming eggs (even from rescued chickens), or giving them away to people who would otherwise buy eggs from battery caged hens, does not “reduce suffering”, it legitimizes suffering, it demands suffering, It perpetuates suffering by condoning the very practice of violence we are struggling to end.

The hen may not know that her suffering body, her unfreedom, her isolation, and every misery in her life is inflicted intentionally, systematically, and solely for the sensory gratification of humans, but you do.

She may not know that the fertilized egg that brought her into existence was the result of confinement and rape, or that hens like her are the product of mass infanticide, but you do. She may not know that the cost of killing male infants, “spent” breeding parents and “spent” hens is built into the price of eggs, but you do. She may not know that, if we became vegan, the horrors that she and her kind are forced to endure would end, but you do.

Act on that knowledge. Become vegan and educate others about the violence and injustice inherent in all non-vegan choices. Rescue (don’t buy) chickens and other animals, respect their lives, and please remember to always give the eggs back to the birds: They are, after all, the only rightful owners.’

 -The Peaceful Prairie Sanctuary

We do not need to eat eggs.  Let’s leave the chickens be.


Word is Getting Out!

My heart is warmed and my eyes moved to tears by the so many people out there who reach millions daily with their television shows or with their newspaper articles spreading the word about animal rights.

One such person is Jon Stewart from the “Daily Show” who recently interviewed Gene Baur, the founder of ‘Farm Sanctuary’.

Although Jon Stewart jokes occasionally during the interview, the message is getting out! And that is important.

In the Toronto Star recently, there was an article by Peter Fricker about how we raise and treat chickens that will ultimately be used for meat:

Anyone can relate to Peter Fricker’s first paragraph:

“Imagine finding a bird with a broken wing on your front lawn. Most of us would be prompted to take some action to alleviate its suffering, at the very least calling the local wildlife rescue group. People care about injured wildlife.

But what if the bird is not wild and what if it isn’t on your front lawn? What if it’s a chicken with a broken wing, shackled upside down on a conveyor belt in a slaughterhouse? Does anyone care?”

It seems like there is a wave of real change happening. Am I being naïve? I am not sure but it certainly seems positive!

And I agree with what Gene Baur says – We are passionate – We are vegan!!! 

Animals do not ‘give’ their lives so we can eat them. We ‘take’ them.

I was watching Oprah Winfrey talking to Michael Pollan about mindful, conscious eating.

It was, overall, a good interview.

What I took offense to was that both Oprah and Michael at different times in their conversation said that we must be respectful and mindful about the animals we eat, and that before doing so, we should thank them, as these animals have ‘given’ their lives to us so we can consume them.

I definitely support thanking and respecting the animal that died because of you if you are a meat-eater. But to say that it gave it’s life to you is wrong.

‘Giving’ implies permission. And no animal gives you permission to take its life.

If you eat it, you must know that you are taking that life.

‘Taking’ implies control and dominance.

Saying an animal gave its life so you could eat it may make you feel better but it’s not true.

You took it.

More People Trying Vegan!

A friend of mine is going vegan for a week!

It’s great to see that people want to try this new way of living.

I’ve been creating so many new recipes since I last wrote and will be blogging about them soon!

Today I brought a garam masala tomato sweet potato lentil stew with cashew sour cream to work for lunch. My friend was in the kitchen with me and asked what smelled so good. I told her it was my vegan lentil stew and sour cream. She took a taste and couldn’t believe that the sour cream was made of cashews.

Within a short while she had told others in the office and decided she was going to try it for a week.

Naturally I’ll give her the tips it took me weeks and months to learn so it will be a little easier on her.

Let’s all keep sharing our way of life and maybe more people will join us in protecting animals and eating vegan!

Let’s all wish her luck in this new endeavour!!


My Sister’s Blog

My sister, Sharon, just wrote a beautiful blog about the wonder of insects. She added amazing photos of simple bugs that people often just crush under their feet as if they were nothing.

She talks about how much they are like us – how they have hearts, lungs and digestive systems and are very intricately designed just like we are.

We know nothing of their social lives and how they relate to each other, what their role is in relation to us and to the world. It would surely benefit us so much to know more about them.

Read Sharon’s blog here:

The Smallest of Creatures


The smallest of creatures is absolutely incredible. Its life, it’s young, the way it moves about, is really something to see.

Spend some time looking at the little things in life-you’ll be amazed!

The more we see, the more we’ll want to stay out of the way.

All creatures deserves to live and love freely!!!

Live Vegan!


I live vegan because I feel the connection. And I feel it strongly.

I always have. Even as a child, I felt a strong connection to all living things from plants, to insects, to cats, to horses and cows.

I guess not everybody feels this way and that is why it is a slow moving path toward the greater change that is coming to all humanity.

I think it will come – a day when we no longer use animals for our benefit.

When we no longer eat meat. When we no longer milk cows and keep chickens for their eggs. When we never wear animal skin or fur. When we value animals and leave them be – free from harm, free from us.

I don’t know when it will be but I know it is in our future.

Evolution is inevitable.

You may say that I’m a dreamer. Maybe – but I know I’m not the only one.