Word is Getting Out!

My heart is warmed and my eyes moved to tears by the so many people out there who reach millions daily with their television shows or with their newspaper articles spreading the word about animal rights.

One such person is Jon Stewart from the “Daily Show” who recently interviewed Gene Baur, the founder of ‘Farm Sanctuary’.


Although Jon Stewart jokes occasionally during the interview, the message is getting out! And that is important.

In the Toronto Star recently, there was an article by Peter Fricker about how we raise and treat chickens that will ultimately be used for meat:


Anyone can relate to Peter Fricker’s first paragraph:

“Imagine finding a bird with a broken wing on your front lawn. Most of us would be prompted to take some action to alleviate its suffering, at the very least calling the local wildlife rescue group. People care about injured wildlife.

But what if the bird is not wild and what if it isn’t on your front lawn? What if it’s a chicken with a broken wing, shackled upside down on a conveyor belt in a slaughterhouse? Does anyone care?”

It seems like there is a wave of real change happening. Am I being naïve? I am not sure but it certainly seems positive!

And I agree with what Gene Baur says – We are passionate – We are vegan!!! 

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