On Pigs



This is such a disturbing image. The animal doesn’t know its’ fate but the word on her back says everything: what will happen to her, how her babies will suffer without her, and how she’s been treated up until now-like a tool, something used and used again for human gain, and then after doing everything the humans wanted, she is thrown away like garbage when she is no longer needed.

Pigs are social creatures who communicate with each other, who love to play, who have good memories, and some say that they are as smart as a monkey or a dog.

“While it is hard to see an animal and a mother so obscenely devalued as to be spray-painted with the word “Destroy,” at least this farm is not trying to prettify or distract from the fate of farmed animals by using humane labels and euphemisms. Because the truth is that no matter how “local & pasture raised” or “certified humane” or “animal welfare approved,” all animal agriculture is based on the grossest devaluing of life: when you maintain that an animal’s dearest wish for continued existence, and its entire potential lifetime of meaningful experiences, are worth less than the taste of bacon or hamburger or cheese; that animals should be killed for food despite an abundance of nutritious plant-based alternatives; then you are saying in effect that those animals are garbage. You may as well be holding the spray paint and the slaughter knife yourself. Don’t buy the myth: there is nothing ethical or humane about exploiting and killing others we have no need to harm at all.”
– Free from Harm   http://freefromharm.org/

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