My Sister’s Blog

My sister, Sharon, just wrote a beautiful blog about the wonder of insects. She added amazing photos of simple bugs that people often just crush under their feet as if they were nothing.

She talks about how much they are like us – how they have hearts, lungs and digestive systems and are very intricately designed just like we are.

We know nothing of their social lives and how they relate to each other, what their role is in relation to us and to the world. It would surely benefit us so much to know more about them.

Read Sharon’s blog here:


Jill’s Story


Jill Phipps was killed trying to protect animals. She was a passionate and dedicated activist who was crushed to death in the UK, by a livestock vehicle transporting live veal calves heading for continental Europe via Coventry Airport.

I, like Jill, do not believe that we have any right or dominion over animals. We should not believe that we are ‘allowed’ to use them for any of our selfish purposes (including food).  As for any set of values, I admire and respect anyone willing to die for them.

I hope that people soon start to see things differently and already I see that some are just by hanging out with me! The issue for me is that people are so disconnected. Not many people have worked in a slaughterhouse and have seen that horrific side of their food. Not many people know that male chicks in the egg industry are ground up alive as soon as they are born. Not many people know that ¼ of animals trapped for fur chew their legs off in an attempt to free themselves. Not many people know that piglets that are not growing quickly enough or that are ill are ‘thumped’ on the ground to death instead of taken care of or treated by a veterinarian – treated humanely. Not many people know that pigs in transport trucks freeze to the sides of them in freezing cold weather and die of heatstroke in them in severe heat waves before arriving at their destinations. The animals we use are seen as ‘products’ long before they are killed and as such, are denied basics such as food, water and proper shelter from the elements in many cases.

Not many people know these things because they are too disturbing.

And no, it doesn’t happen all the time, but I will not support any of this in any way anymore.

My hope is that someday we all know how horrid the lives of the animals we use are……and that we look for and make important changes to our system.

Evolve I say!

Some of us don’t have the choice anymore-it is a ‘calling’ to help.

See more of Jill’s story here: