Animals do not ‘give’ their lives so we can eat them. We ‘take’ them.

I was watching Oprah Winfrey talking to Michael Pollan about mindful, conscious eating.

It was, overall, a good interview.

What I took offense to was that both Oprah and Michael at different times in their conversation said that we must be respectful and mindful about the animals we eat, and that before doing so, we should thank them, as these animals have ‘given’ their lives to us so we can consume them.

I definitely support thanking and respecting the animal that died because of you if you are a meat-eater. But to say that it gave it’s life to you is wrong.

‘Giving’ implies permission. And no animal gives you permission to take its life.

If you eat it, you must know that you are taking that life.

‘Taking’ implies control and dominance.

Saying an animal gave its life so you could eat it may make you feel better but it’s not true.

You took it.

6 thoughts on “Animals do not ‘give’ their lives so we can eat them. We ‘take’ them.

  1. I wish there was a way to force people to see it this way before they bite into their steaks…
    It’s so obvious, and yet meat eaters try to evade this horrible truth by shading the facts.

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