More People Trying Vegan!

A friend of mine is going vegan for a week!

It’s great to see that people want to try this new way of living.

I’ve been creating so many new recipes since I last wrote and will be blogging about them soon!

Today I brought a garam masala tomato sweet potato lentil stew with cashew sour cream to work for lunch. My friend was in the kitchen with me and asked what smelled so good. I told her it was my vegan lentil stew and sour cream. She took a taste and couldn’t believe that the sour cream was made of cashews.

Within a short while she had told others in the office and decided she was going to try it for a week.

Naturally I’ll give her the tips it took me weeks and months to learn so it will be a little easier on her.

Let’s all keep sharing our way of life and maybe more people will join us in protecting animals and eating vegan!

Let’s all wish her luck in this new endeavour!!


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