Dear Justin Trudeau

I just saw a great video addressed to Justin Trudeau. It talks about he and his family being bundled up in fur coats and blankets in press photos and in a family Christmas card.

I  wrote him (well the Liberal Party) a letter supporting this video. Here it is:

Hello Mr. Trudeau,

Please take an honest look at this wonderful video that was made just for you!

This young woman speaks her heart very well and I passionately agree with her. As an animal rights activist myself, and a volunteer for an organization based in Vancouver called Fur Bearer Defenders, I also ask that you reconsider supporting this cruel industry.

In June of 2014, one of my very first blogs was about this very subject:

I am not asking that you become vegan or even vegetarian, but I am asking you to seriously think about the animals whose lives are taken needlessly for fashion. Fur is not necessary for survival here in Ottawa, nor in many parts of our country where these coats are so popular.

And as the woman in this video says, the Canada Goose company is no longer a Canadian business. So, why support them?

Please teach your children the greatest of compassion – that towards innocent animals who need us to not only protect them, but definitely to not hurt, abuse nor exploit them either.

Please stand with us as we try to protect the most innocent of creatures.

Thanks for listening,

Linda Orrell



Jill’s Story


Jill Phipps was killed trying to protect animals. She was a passionate and dedicated activist who was crushed to death in the UK, by a livestock vehicle transporting live veal calves heading for continental Europe via Coventry Airport.

I, like Jill, do not believe that we have any right or dominion over animals. We should not believe that we are ‘allowed’ to use them for any of our selfish purposes (including food).  As for any set of values, I admire and respect anyone willing to die for them.

I hope that people soon start to see things differently and already I see that some are just by hanging out with me! The issue for me is that people are so disconnected. Not many people have worked in a slaughterhouse and have seen that horrific side of their food. Not many people know that male chicks in the egg industry are ground up alive as soon as they are born. Not many people know that ¼ of animals trapped for fur chew their legs off in an attempt to free themselves. Not many people know that piglets that are not growing quickly enough or that are ill are ‘thumped’ on the ground to death instead of taken care of or treated by a veterinarian – treated humanely. Not many people know that pigs in transport trucks freeze to the sides of them in freezing cold weather and die of heatstroke in them in severe heat waves before arriving at their destinations. The animals we use are seen as ‘products’ long before they are killed and as such, are denied basics such as food, water and proper shelter from the elements in many cases.

Not many people know these things because they are too disturbing.

And no, it doesn’t happen all the time, but I will not support any of this in any way anymore.

My hope is that someday we all know how horrid the lives of the animals we use are……and that we look for and make important changes to our system.

Evolve I say!

Some of us don’t have the choice anymore-it is a ‘calling’ to help.

See more of Jill’s story here:

Make The Connection

When we wear fur, we are taking the life of an innocent animal.

For what?  For warmth? Because there are no other options to keep warm?

No-for fashion!  We don’t need fur in our societies.  There are so many other options for keeping warm in our cold climate.

I would ask anyone who wears fur to take a look at the industry they are supporting. It is not a pretty picture.


An animal (or many animals) died for your fur trim or fur coat. It didn’t just die either-it was most likely cruelly treated, cruelly trapped, and cruelly killed too.

Maybe it lived on a fur farm for its whole life deprived of contact with other animals, and deprived of proper food and clean water. Animals used for fur are deprived of veterinary care too when they need it. Or maybe the animal was caught in a leg hold trap. Animals lay in leg hold traps without food or water and in severe pain, often for days on end waiting for the trapper to return to kill it.

According to one website:

“Some animals will even bite off their own limbs in a desperate attempt to escape. The fact that an animal would sever her own limb shows how horrible the experience of being caught in a leg hold trap is. A study in Wheeler National Wildlife Refuge found that 27.6 percent of mink, 24 percent of raccoon, and 26 percent of trapped fox would actually bite their limbs off in hopes of surviving.”

Help ban the use of cruel traps by educating others and signing petitions. Here is one of many:

If you have fur trim on your coat or boots you are supporting an inhumane industry. An industry that keeps animals cramped in small cages, often sick and dehydrated.  An industry that uses animals to make money – an industry that doesn’t care about the lives of those animals – that doesn’t care if they become hurt or injured or if they have to wait for days in misery before the trapper returns to kill it.

And if you think domestic animals are more important than wild ones, well they are accidentally getting caught in these traps too:

Here is one such story:

How often do I see a person with fur trim walking their dog after work? Many fur farms in other countries use cat and dog fur that is imported to Canada.

Are you sure that fur on your coat or the fur on the toy you bought your pet isn’t from a cat or a dog?

If you care about animals, stop buying and wearing fur. If we don’t buy it they won’t continue to make it.

Stop fur farms where animals live out their entire lives in misery.

Stop the use of leg hold and other traps.

Read more here: