Happy Halloween Vegans!



Sheep Shearing


The business of sheep shearing is just awful. I almost bought a pair of wool gloves at a local artsy store I love. Other items were made from recycled wool (the only kind of wool I will buy from now on) and I assumed that the gloves were too. But when I asked the woman who was working there, she said they were not made of recycled wool.

So, lovely as they were, I put them back on the shelves.

I will not support this cruel industry any longer:


It’s easy not to participate in what our culture calls ‘normal’ when you know what it costs the animals. You can help too-don’t buy wool and educate others on the reality these animals face.

What? Good news for chocolate lovers!

My favorite vegan chocolate bars-Terra Nostra-are no longer available at the local place I shop.

The cashier there said that all dark chocolate is vegan though so just buy any of them. I checked the ones my local store carries and not all of them are vegan but for the most part she was right!

I checked a few other kinds of dark chocolate online and they are mostly vegan! 🙂

Some of you may be laughing because you already knew this but I am very happy right now!!!

I don’t know why I thought they all had milk in them – I suppose the ones I checked previously did and I supposed they all did.

Well-good news today!!!

Indulge people – indulge in lovely vegan dark chocolate.


Get Uncomfortable about Animal Rights

boy an drabbit

I saw a photo today of a little boy sleeping with a rabbit. I thought at first how beautiful it was, and then I thought of that boy older, eating rabbit and wearing their fur on his fashionable coat. I was sad because truly the boy, and each of us, probably genuinely cares about animals – we love them even-but there is a strong and intentional disconnect so that our world can be sanitized of the reality these animals face and we can eat them and wear them without thinking about what is really happening.

We don’t know about the reality, and definitely don’t want to see it either as it would be far too uncomfortable. When you are thinking about how awful it would be to read articles and to look at the pictures and videos or watch the films put out by animal rights activists, please think about how uncomfortable the animal is when it’s leg is caught in a trap and it’s left for days so you can have their fur on your coat or on your boots, or when it is kept in a tiny cage for the few months of its life it’s allowed to live with no room to move about and no others to socialize with. Or worse, put into tiny cages with so many others that they literally kill and maim each other. Or, when it gets an infection and is not provided veterinary care, but left to rot instead. When it’s stuck in a contraption so tight it cannot move, so that a scientist can pour random solutions into its eyes to see if it’s going to cause blindness or not, or when it is forced to live in its own filth, urine and feces, until it’s put out of its misery. Think about the last days of its life spent in a truck travelling across the country in such freezing cold weather that its sides literally freeze to the sides of the truck. Think about it in equally hot weather without food or water for days on end.


These innocent animals undergo all of this for us. And for things we do not even need. We don’t need fur, we don’t need meat and we don’t need dairy. And we don’t need animal testing for cosmetics or medicines. It’s just our culture that says so. We can change-we can grow to learn a different way of life. It’s not difficult.

Make a change. Even a small one. Protect the animals we care about. Go vegan or vegetarian. Buy products that are not tested on animals. Don’t buy fur. Fight for the animals who can’t fight for themselves.

Look at the realities that they face every day.

Get uncomfortable-they sure are.