Watching over the ones who need us


This photo breaks my heart.

It is why I am vegan.

I want to do my part to protect animals. I want to watch over them. Look out for them. Just as the bigger piglet seems to be doing for the little one.

I want to pick them both up and take them out of there to a pasture somewhere to be free. Free from harm and suffering to a life they truly deserve and not the one they will get – so full of misery.

I would honour the little guy by burying him – not by putting him out with the trash which so often happens on huge industrial farms.

We need to do better than this. We can do better.

Let’s all try to do better by using compassion when choosing what we eat. 

2 thoughts on “Watching over the ones who need us

  1. I love animals, and this picture is terrible. But I was also raised with a lot of animals, both wild and domesticated, and suffering and death happens with or without it being at a human’s hand. It’s a part of living on earth. Maybe I’m a pessimist. But I’ve seen animals walk over their dead siblings. I’ve seen them try to kill their own babies. The Guinea Hen is known to be so paranoid that it will run from invisible dangers and trample on their own children, literally running them to death. Only a couple from every batch usually survive. All that to say: maybe take some time to get close to animals, in the wild or on a small farm. They are different from people. They have some similarities, but also a lot of differences.


  2. Thanks for your comment.

    And although I agree that what you say happens, my issue here (and the goal of my blog is to educate) is with farmers who neglect and abuse animals–this happens too.

    “Thumping” is a term used for slamming piglets against the ground to kill them when they are too little or too sick or need veterinary care.

    Pigs are transported for days on end without food or water in severe heat and cold – so much so that they die en route from heat exhaustion or get frozen to the sides of transport trucks.

    Pigs are still kept (in many countries) in gestation crates too small for them to even turn around in for their whole lives.

    This is not acceptable.

    This is what I want to let people know about so they can make more educated decisions about what they consume.


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