Animal Rights


I read an article about animal rights and thought I’d share it:

Dr. Regan says about animals, “They are not only in the world, they are aware of it. What happens to them matters to them.”

Yesterday I spotted a dog in a truck waiting for his ‘owner’ for lack of a better word to come back from the grocery store. He looked at me, then as I went in the store myself, I saw he was looking out the window at his surroundings…just looking around and taking in the world just as we would. He had a powerful, though serene expression about him – solemnly and quietly, he waited for his friend to return.

I see animals in a different way than most people (seemingly) do. I have an empathy for them that is very strong. I see in them a life force, an interest in the world, a desire to love and be part of something. Just like us.

Dr. Regan says that ethically, we should not see each other in terms of one’s utility to the other, and that animals rights philosophy demands that the same should apply to animals.

Each person, and animal should be seen as valuable in and of itself, independent of us.

He argues that the use of animals in any way is immoral and only the complete abolition of this use of them will result in true morality for humans.

I entirely agree.

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