Getting used to Being Vegan!

It’s been over three months now and I’m really getting used to being vegan. I can’t believe how many delicious things I’ve discovered to eat! There are so many great recipes out there from the ever and ever larger vegan community.

My vegan butter recipe is a simple mixture of coconut oil and sea salt (I use a coconut oil that doesn’t taste like coconut for this).

I create cheesy dishes when I want them using nutritional yeast.

I bought some vanilla soy ice cream this week and it tastes so delicious – I could never miss ice cream!

I use a mixture of soy and rice milk in coffee – it’s so yummy I will never miss milk!

I eat coconut milk ‘yogurt’ instead of one made with animal milk.

And my friends are helping too! I had a potluck at my house this week and one of my good friends (who is not vegan) brought over a 100% vegan dish for us all to enjoy! I fed my friends vegan chocolate for dessert and they loved it. I don’t think they could have really noticed a difference had I not told them anyway 🙂

My biggest test to date though was last week when a colleague brought in a homemade sugar pie – those who know me know that this is my absolute favorit-est treat in the world. It wasn’t too difficult to resist though. And I know there are vegan sugar pie recipes out there anyway for when I want to indulge.

I have read that it only takes 2 weeks to give up a habit or get used to a new one. Three months in – I’m definitely well into my new lifestyle and loving it!!

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