Earthlings-a new movie narrated by Joaquin Phoenix, a fellow vegan. Warning: Just the trailer is hard to watch (VERY disturbing images) but important.

In the trailer, Joaquin asks, “Isn’t it enough that animals have to literally run just from human progress?” Animals have less and less space to live their lives in — as we take over their habitats on earth and in water — they have less and less escape from us who will use, abuse, torture and kill them.

People don’t know what happens to animals daily and on such a huge scale – it is really unimaginable.

People don’t seem to want to really know the truth, but smaller groups of us are here to spread the message of truth.

Maybe someday, all animals will have a chance at a real life, free from misery and torment from humans.

One thought on “Earthlings

  1. An extremely difficult trailer to watch! It took me a while to be able to watch it through and then a further while to leave a comment. My reaction is the same (weeks after watching it). Of course, I am very sad for the animals. Their pain and suffering! All for the profit and sometimes enjoyment of humans. I am also very ashamed. Ashamed for two reasons. 1) that I am a part of the species that often treats animals so cruelly and 2) that I do so little to stop this cruelty.


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