Bill Gates is Talking about Veganism


Here is what Bill Gates is saying:

And he’s investing in a vegan start-up:

He talks about the sustainability issue – as good a reason to go vegan as any I think. He also talks about fake meat (meat and dairy created by scientists to mimic the real thing) which I don’t go for – who knows how food made in a laboratory environment will hurt us in the long run? But the sustainability issue is a big one.

More and more countries that historically did not eat meat and dairy are starting to. Studies show that the consumption of meat and dairy in developing countries is rising to an astonishing level and in conjunction with rising income levels:

Depleting the land of the earth in the way that we do for food consumption cannot continue forever even if we want it to and even if more and more of us can afford to.  Using up the land hurts the animals and plants that live on it, but it hurts us ultimately too.

Animal agriculture is causing huge amounts of greenhouse gas emissions which is hurting our planet.

If we cannot live without the earth, we’d better think about making some changes.

Animals need so much food to grow to the sizes we want them to be before we slaughter them for food. Doesn’t it make more sense for us to simply eat the plants and grains they eat in the first place and also save them from the suffering they have to go through for us?

The UN is recommending global dietary changes as a means to our survival:

Some people are looking at a vegetarian diet-a good place to start in reducing humankind’s reliance on animals.

‘Meatless Mondays’ have been around for a while encouraging people to try a day a week without meat.

Bill Gates is talking about ‘fake meat’.

Whatever small steps we can take will be a huge help in healing our planet and our lives.

I prefer a plant-based diet with vegetables balanced with legumes, nuts and grains. It’s surprisingly easy once you let go of your pre-conceived notions of what you need to be healthy and happy.

Veganism – the way of the future!

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