Veganism and Feminism Intertwined


You may not know this, but in order for us to have dairy, and for dairy farmers to have a lucrative business, cows must be pregnant as often as possible, and for them to become pregnant, they are impregnated on what the industry itself terms, ‘rape racks’.

Furthermore, when they have their babies, the calves are taken away within hours so that the milk can come to us instead of to them.

The calves are then fed ‘waste milk’ – milk that is unsaleable to humans  – rather than their own mother’s healthful milk that was made for them.

What a violation of such a natural and beautiful thing: a mother giving new life to her babies.

Being pregnant all the time results in many problems to these cows including mastitis – a painful inflammation of the mammary glands.

After years of being constantly pregnant, cows become exhausted, and without the normal levels of energy and health for their ages, they are slaughtered for meat at around 5 or 6 years old, whereas cows otherwise can live to be 25 years old.

Feminists have fought for years against the objectification of the female body. Against women being used for others’ gain. Against women being treated unfairly. Against women being unheard.

There are many blogs out there as to why feminism and veganism are intertwined-here is one:

Be a feminist!  Stand up for and protect all females.

Become vegan!!

One thought on “Veganism and Feminism Intertwined

  1. What an interesting viewpoint – I had never thought of it this way. I am definitely trying to eliminate dairy products from my diet, because I hate that these sweet cows have to suffer like that. Thank you for this post!


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