How Animals are Treated Every Day in our Culture **Warning** Graphic Video

‘Mercy for Animals’, an animal welfare organization, recommended as a strong charity by ‘Animal Charity Evaluators’ for their methods in trying to help animals (, put together a very disturbing video that will make you all want to become vegan:

Loving, caring creatures like ourselves need to know what is happening to animals.

Not every animal on a farm or in a slaughterhouse goes through this but far too many do.  And we support it every time we eat chicken at a restaurant, make a BLT, or buy eggs in the store.

We can live as vegans-many of us are proving that. We just don’t know how to if we haven’t tried.

It isn’t a special or a secret diet-it’s not elitist or expensive – it’s just no meat, no fish, and no animal products of any kind.

And, it’s not hard to do.

People will think it strange perhaps if you go vegan, but it’s far stranger to me for us to know that this goes on and ignore it, and worse-support it.

Want to know more?

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