Challenges Being a New Vegan


Living this new lifestyle now for about 2 months, some challenges I face are the occasional desire for milk, butter, cheese and sometimes, even meat!!

Being with a carnivore doesn’t help but the cravings come even when Don’s not there with me.

And, he’s great to always make me the vegan version of what he’s eating (he’s the cook in our couple) but sometimes when I smell his food, I want it!

These thoughts and cravings are few and far between however, they don’t last long and I doubt I’ll give into them, but if I do I’ll forgive myself because it’s not an easy task to go completely against the culture you live in.

Some days, I just want to stop and pick up a regular old pizza for dinner.

How easy it would be to just eat what everybody else does.

But the knowledge I now have of how meat, eggs and dairy get to our plates is likely going to keep me from giving in to my occasional cravings.

And I’m discovering so many new and exciting recipes and ways of eating.

I’m going to be making a vegan pizza soon!!

Mouthwatering Vegan has a good looking one:

Veganism is hardly a new way of life and I’m thankful for the community out there who supports it and who support me.

For most of the time, I am a very Happy New Vegan!!!

And, looking at those beautiful and innocent animals is the best motivator to keep on going!!

Don’t they deserve our love, our care and our respect!!

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