The Loving Bond of Cows and their Calves


I read an article today about the bond between cow and newborn calf and how it is severed so quickly after the calf’s birth so humans can have milk and meat.

We need to stop and think about where our food comes from and if we really want to continue to support these practices.

As the writer says, we just accept what our families and culture tell us as the way it is. We need to ask more questions.

Here is the article:

Look at the video-it is sad.

If a female, the calf will have the same destiny as her mother and if male, the calf will become meat for humans. Veal is a particularly sad fate for a male calf.

Let’s stop this cycle. Being vegetarian isn’t enough-become vegan!

2 thoughts on “The Loving Bond of Cows and their Calves

  1. I had no idea how hard the lives of the animals we use were until I started researching and volunteering for organizations that help them. My hope is to educate more and more people with my blog and help them see that a vegan diet is not only healthy and quite simple to transition to but also so much better for the beautiful animals on our planet and for the planet itself. Thanks so much for your comments.


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