Let’s Stop Using Animals

“Animal rights, to me, is quite simply respecting animals as the sentient beings that they are. This means that they are on this Earth for their own reasons, not ours. That they have their own self-interests just as humans do and in so much as they do they should be respected for that and left alone.
But this is also the proverbial uphill battle animals face. They are the legal property of humans and this dynamic puts them at a grave disadvantage, in particularly in a free-market capitalist system where animals are owned and traded openly as commodities, as economic units.
Until we question this entangled relationship, which has existed for some 10,000 years we will have some difficultly seeing animals with new eyes.”
–Harold Brown

Harold Brown is a former farmer who has since changed his ways and is now vegan and founder of farmkind.org:


It’s amazing how we live our lives without really thinking about what we are doing.

Most of us dearly love animals yet continue to support their suffering and destruction with the food we put on our plates, with the clothes we buy, and with many other ways in which we live our lives.

We love animals so much that we bring our kids to see them in zoos, theme parks, and circuses (places that often abuse animals and have to break their spirits to train them).

I was reading the story about Raju the 50 year old elephant who was abused, and chained up 24 hours a day by his captors:


We love animals so much-we feel sad about the stories in the news such as the one about Raju yet we will ride him when we travel to the country he lives in (to be trained to do that, he has to be abused and kept captive).

How sad it is that we humans believe we have dominion over other animals and even over each other when it benefits us.

We need to start thinking about how animals are treated and stop supporting the enterprises that hurt them.

All any animal wants is to live it’s life in peace and freedom, just like we do.

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