Cosmetics and Cleaning House


For years, I have been buying cosmetic products that are not tested on animals (cruelty-free) – be careful here though as some labels will say that the final product has not been tested on animals but does that mean that the individual parts of the final product were not tested on animals as well?

Something else to be aware of is that products change over the years and a declaration of ‘No Animal Testing’ can suddenly disappear from the label as ingredients and laws change. That happened to me twice last year with products I’d been using for years.

Here is a great cruelty-free website with tips and product lists – look for the leaping bunny on product labels to be sure it’s cruelty-free:

Or perhaps an easier and less expensive option is to get creative and make your own cosmetic products! I made a green tea facial toner a couple of days ago by boiling green tea leaves in a cup of water then letting it cool down, putting it in a spritzer bottle and voilà! Easy peasy – great for the skin and it supposedly reduces wrinkles! Bonus! Drink some too-it’s full of antioxidants for inside and out.

You can wash your hair with honey, clean your sink with baking soda, make a face mask with avocadoes, use vinegar to remove odors.

There are so many home recipes for cosmetics and cleaning products online.

This website has lots of great tips and recipes:

Join me in trying to stop animal testing – small steps help. It will be a kinder choice for your skin and the earth as well.

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