What Veganism Means to Me


To me, veganism is a gentler way of life that does not support the exploitation of animals or the use of them as commodities for our benefit. It also means not buying clothing made from animals or parts of them such as fur, duck down, wool or leather.

It means not supporting animals being used for human entertainment purposes (circuses, zoos) or using them to make money (dog fighting, bear baiting, puppy mills) or selling their body parts (rhinoceros horns, bear bile) for our consumption.

It means not eating them, or their products such as eggs or milk or anything else made with animal parts such as gelatin, cheese or yogurt.

It means not supporting animals being tested on for cosmetics.

It also means writing letters to businesses and governments to advocate for animals, supporting and volunteering for organizations that try to help animals have better lives by educating people about the realities they face.

Check out PETA’s website for ideas on how to help and to learn more about the issues.
***Warning: if you are sensitive don’t watch the videos.***


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