Can Vegans Have Wine?


My friend and I were going out for dinner one evening about a month ago to a 100% vegan restaurant in Ottawa called, Café My House:

On the way there, she said, “I hope we can have wine-can vegans have wine?”

I laughed and said that yes, we could have wine. I told her that as long as no animals were hurt to make the wine then vegans could indulge. Which brought up in me the thought that no matter what humans build, produce or what we do with our lives, where we go and how we get there, we will always have some negative impact on the creatures around us if not directly then indirectly. Think habitat, for instance. Though wine may be fine for vegans, making it may not always be friendly to the animals in the area living near or on the winery.

Then I did a little more research and found out that some wines do use animal products such as gelatin when they are being ‘fined’, a process which clarifies the wine. So I was not correct in my assumption.

Well, you don’t have to be a perfect vegan especially at the beginning of your journey and as this woman says you will learn as you go along:

And luckily, there is lots of information out there for vegans who enjoy wine!

And on this great site, you can see a list of vegan and non-vegan wines and also on the right upper page you can enter your wine to see if your wine is vegan:

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