Getting Complete Protein


Complete protein is something that vegans need to think about getting into their bodies now that they are no longer ingesting meat and other animal products.

Having nut butter on wheat bread is an easy way to make sure that you are getting a complete protein.

My recipe for nut butter has varied over the last year that I’ve been making it.

My new mix is roasted almonds with a few walnuts added in for creaminess.

Nut butter is so simple and delicious and has huge health benefits!

To make it, put roughly a cup of almonds into a food processor with a handful of walnuts and process it until it’s relatively smooth (the walnuts will make it a bit coarser than almonds alone).

It will not look right at first as when the nuts break down as they will have a floury texture which is great if you want to stop here and use this flour in a recipe rather than using wheat flour! For the nut butter however, keep going until you see it starting to get moist and smooth.

Then it’s a matter of keeping the processor going until the mixture takes on the texture of a spread.  Stop, look, taste and even feel it if you’re not sure. Don’t go too long though – I did that once and the nuts and oil separated. If you’re using my mixture of both almonds and walnuts, it shouldn’t take more than about 10 minutes while almonds alone can take close to half an hour.

I add a tiny sprinkle of pink Himalayan salt and a little maple syrup after mixing it all together in the food processor as I found if I added all ingredients in the beginning, it did not always yield a good result.

Of course, it’s delicious unsalted and unsweetened too.

A little experimenting of your own and you’ll find the perfect recipe for you!

For more complete protein ideas, here is a site that shows 8 plant foods that contain complete protein on their own:”>

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