The Hunter and The Vegan


My partner is considering getting a hunting license.

It may seem strange that he is thinking of hunting and killing animals for meat when I am now vegan but I can respect his choice. He chooses to remain a carnivore but is willing to consider doing something difficult – getting his own meat rather than simply buying the prepared and packaged meat ready for pick up at the supermarket.

Currently, he buys meat from local farmers he researches and visits – he gets to know the farmers and the animals that way.

He says that ultimately though, he would like to be part of the whole process – from seeing the live animal, to killing it and to preparing it for eating.  He also acknowledges that quite possibly at his first try at hunting, he may decide that he too wants to be vegan!  Looking into an animal’s eyes and killing it will be a tough challenge that he readily acknowledges.

Hunting and killing an animal in its natural habitat rather than have them live in the horrid conditions they must endure on farms and on route to slaughterhouses is definitely a step up from what most people do to get their meat.

It shows me that he is aware of the reality of eating meat or at least much more than most people who buy their meat cleaned, packaged and ready to eat. Buying it like that can remove the reality of the situation and can easily have you in denial — before it was in the package, it was an animal alive, with eyes that could look into yours and an instinct to survive  –  just like yours.

Don is also thinking of preparing his own meat as well – from the hunt to the table.  I think that if more people decided to do this themselves, there would definitely be more vegetarians and vegans!

Similarly if we saw what happens on farms and in slaughterhouses, many, if not most of us, would not be able to continue our blind meat-eating, animal using lifestyles.

Things have become far too removed from their realities  – too sterile and packaged – making it easy for us to remain in denial.

Animals have it pretty bad out there but we don’t see it. It’s too ugly to look at so we don’t look and it is hidden from us with ad-gag legislation such as is occurring in the U.S. Here is one of many online articles about this:

If we are brave and look closer at the realities of the meat and dairy industries, we will, as caring animals ourselves, choose to change our eating habits.

And although I wouldn’t personally choose to kill an animal for food in any way, I can respect others who choose to.

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