A Vegan Lifestyle


Eating vegan is one thing about a vegan’s life, but to me, a vegan lifestyle also means making choices that do not hurt animals in any way.

My partner Don and I were on vacation last week on Lake Ontario – we rented a cabin on the shore.  We soon saw that just by the fire pit there was a small tree holding a robin’s nest.  We could see lots of activity by the parent robins but the baby birds were still too small to be seen.

To avoid smoking them out of the nest or making it too hot for them, we chose not to have any fires there.

Some people may think that silly or even have a ‘survival of the fittest’ attitude about the situation, but to Don and I, it seemed the right thing to do.

I believe that humans should, if they can, help, and even intervene to help, animals when they need us.

As we watched over the next days, the parent robins took turns getting food for their young and keeping them warm and safe.

During a windy thunderstorm one night, I watched out of our window to see how the nest would fare. I could see one of the parent robins holding out its’ wings widely covering up the nest as much as possible to protect it’s babies as the tree bent and swayed under the pressure of the storm.

As we watched them over the week we were there, the robin chicks grew and soon we could see their beaks coming up for the food their parents brought in. Soon they will be big enough to leave the nest and try out their own little wings.

I am glad that we were able to play a part in protecting them at least in that small way. We left a note for the people renting the cabin after us as well, pointing out the nest by the fire pit.

Let us all play a part, even a small one, in protecting the animals around us. Sometimes they need us to be watchful.

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