Vegan Eating

Going vegan is proving to be easier than I’d imagined it would be. I thought I would really miss butter, eggs, and milk. But, with the huge variety of items to replace these in our natural food stores, I think veganism is a path I can stay on.

I even found out that my favorite chocolate bar maker has several vegan choices: 🙂

And I’ve been eating vegan ice cream (soy, almond, coconut or hemp versions) for years now.

One of the first recipes I tried was Tofu ‘Scrambled Eggs’. Simply fry onions and garlic in some olive or coconut oil, add red peppers and your favorite spices.  Cut firm organic tofu into small squares, then squeeze them (so they look like scrambled eggs) into the frying pan with the other ingredients. Sprinkle in some nutritional yeast for a yummy cheesy taste.

Add asparagus, mushrooms, broccoli, or anything else that you love in scrambled eggs and omelettes.

Stir until everything tastes delicious!


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